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Tractor-Trailer Hauling Vehicles Struck By Train

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A tractor trailer hauling vehicles was struck by a train on Friday, splitting the trailer in half and tossing several vehicles on either side of the track.

The train operators and the truck driver were not injured in the accident.

The tractor-trailer accident occurred at the railroad crossing – which has no crossing arms – of Hadley Street and Texas 171.

According to the Godley Police Department chief administrator, the tractor-trailer driver told police he did not see nor hear the slow approaching train.

The train engine dragged the back end of the split trailer for several yards beyond the crossing before coming to rest with the trailer on its side. The force of the crash knocked many of the vehicles from the trailer, scattering them on both sides of the road.

The front half of the split trailer came to rest on the opposite side of the train.

Police and fire rescue were able to free the wreckage so the train could continue on.