Laredo, Texas


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Auto-Pedestrian Accidents Increase In Laredo

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There has been an increase in auto-pedestrian accidents in Laredo. With many of them happening close to schools.

In January, there were 18 auto-pedestrian accidents. In February there were 17 and so far in March there have been 6. These numbers can be attributed to rapid growth in the city, with people constantly on the go, says officials.

So, who is to blame?

“Sometimes the driver is not paying attention and sometimes the pedestrian walks into traffic.”

Pedestrians are supposed to look both ways before crossing the street, while drivers are supposed to obey traffic laws.

A momentary lapse of attention behind the wheel or failing to proceed with caution before walking out into oncoming traffic can easily result in an injury or cause a deadly accident.

To address the problem, Laredo Police Department wants the city to paint and mark the crossings around town.